Who is Jesus?

By His miracles and His message, Jesus revealed to the world that He is God. Instead of punishing the world for doing what is bad, He took our punishment and died on the cross for us. Three days later, He came back from the dead and now calls us to follow Him. Is there anything or anyone better to follow?


Who is God?

Jesus has shown us that God is “Triune.” That means there is one God, but that God exists in three distinct persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All three are personally involved in creating, protecting, providing, forgiving and guiding us.


What does God want?

He simply wants to take care of you now and forever. He not only created us, but He also sacrificed Himself for us and came back from the dead to take care of us. Because we mean so much to Him, He watches over us. He calls us to listen to Him and follow Him.


What does God want us to do?

He wants us to believe and trust in Him. Out of love, God warns us away from making bad decisions because He does not want us to harm ourselves or anyone else. Instead, He teaches us and leads us to make good decisions in order to protect us and help others.


What about when we make mistakes?

No one is perfect. If we thought we were perfect, then we would not need Jesus to save us from our sins. Whoever sins, if they believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to save them, they are completely forgiven.


How can we be sure?

The Bible is one of God’s gifts to us. It was written by over forty human beings, but has no mistakes or contradictions! In it, God tells us about Himself, His love for us and His plans for us. Not only does He teach us through the Bible, but through Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, God comes to us, forgives us and empowers us to follow Him.


Why does any of this matter?

Living without God is like living alone in a desert. Without God, life is harder, more of a struggle and far more dangerous. God wants us to thrive! Not only this, but one day, we will all stand before God, who created us, who died and rose for us and who reaches out to us. We will either live with Him forever in a paradise greater than any dream, or, if we refuse to follow Him, we will live separated from Him forever.


Forever is a long time.


Jesus so loves you that He has done everything to be with you now and forever.


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